Samsung s8 not charging moisture

It has been 3 days and I'm still not able to charge through the port. I keep getting the message that there is moisture detected. I've done what was recommended here blow into port, shake phone to see if water comes out. The phone has not been exposed to water.

After reboot, the message won't come up, but won't charge. After first charge post-reboot, message will come up again. I've only had the phone less than 30 days. Will this moisture message ever go away? Go to Solution. If you are getting the error message, follow the steps listed here. If these steps do not help, then service repairs would be recommended. View solution in original post. Do you live in a very humid area? Sometimes residual moisture can build up, and if the damage has already been done, that's why the message hasn't gone away.

You can try powering the device down, giving a nice wipe inside with a Q-tip just to see if it removes anything, then take some rubbing alcohol and dip the Q-tip in it and try another rubbing. It could end up cleaning up some build up on those contact points. Let it dry after you do that, turn the phone back on and let me know if it starts charging.

Really happy to hear that! Every once and awhile just make sure to do that, this way you're always keeping that port clean I had the same problem.However, we do earn profit from our affiliate links. One error that is not too common among users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the moist port issue. This issue can arise even if your Samsung Galaxy S8 has never come into contact with water or liquid of any kind. Luckily, we have a guide that should solve this uncommon yet annoying issue. The moisture in the port problem is something that is experienced across several Samsung devices.

The main reason why this notification will pop up on your phone is obvious — your USB port has gotten wet somehow.

Samsung devices are all equipped with a moisture sensor. This is a safety precaution as plugging in your device while it is wet can be a dangerous situation for obvious reasons. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is durable. You do not have to worry about water damage causing any permanent issues. If you act quickly and clean and dry your port out when it becomes wet or submerged then you can stop corrosion or any internal damage before it sets in.

The notification is merely an indication that the moisture sensor has detected something wet. Odds are if all other functions of your phone are working then your device is still in good shape.

More good news is that you can still charge your Samsung device but it has to be done wirelessly.

Common Samsung Galaxy S8 problems and how to fix them

Android devices have wireless charging stations that will give power to your phone by placing it on top of the charging device. Many owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones have never dropped their device in water and still receive this error.

There are alternative explanations for this. Sometimes the moisture sensor will incorrectly identify moisture in the air as liquid in the port. This can rarely occur when people use their phone in areas with a more humid atmosphere. Over time this can build up and the moisture sensor will believe that the USB port has come into contact with fluids.

Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions that should solve the moisture error of the Samsung Galaxy S8. One popular route is to take a blow dryer and apply it to the port.

This will both heat up and dry out the USB port of anything that the phone might mistake for moisture.However, we do earn profit from our affiliate links. While smartphones can be prone to a variety of errors and problems, not being able to charge your phone may very well be the worst one.

And unfortunately, these kinds of annoying errors can be somewhat common. Like many smartphone problems, there are a number of potential causes for these issues. This is primarily because Samsung phones now come with higher-end water and moisture detectors that are normally located inside of the charging port. These detectors are more sensitive than you think.

samsung s8 not charging moisture

They are designed to let you know that water or moisture have entered your smartphone and it is therefore too risky to let it charge with said moisture on the inside.

If you cannot charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 because of this error, or if this error pops up every time you try to charge your phone, there are a couple of things you can do to solve or circumvent this issue. The first thing you should do is try to air dry your phone. Place your phone in a standing position in a room that is dry and warm. You may have to wait a couple of hours for this to work.

We recommend turning off your phone while doing this as you may already be low on battery life. Another thing you can do is to charge your phone using a wireless charger. This can be a great temporary solution to give your phone some extra juice while you are waiting for the port to dry out. Similarly to the previous step, if your Samsung Galaxy S9 refuses to charge via a USB cable then you should immediately try to use a different charging cable.

Hopefully the problem is only with the cable and not the phone. Also consider plugging in your phone into different sources as the problem may even be with the outlet or the port. If you have multiple USB ports on your computer then try them all. Some USB cables only work with certain ports and this incompatibility issue may be the cause of a lack of a charge. If you plug your S9 phone into the wall outlet using a power adapter then try using either different wall outlets or different power adapters as well.

If you still get no change in your situation then move on to the next step. Before moving onto more extreme measures it could be helpful to see if this problem still persists in Safe Mode. Rebooting in Safe Mode can also be beneficial because if you suspect that any recent downloads are the source of your charging issue then you can remove them and then see if your phone will start charging again.

First, turn your device off. Then you will want to power it on again except you will hold down the power button for a few moments. When the Samsung logo appears, then you will immediately stop holding down the power button and then press and hold the Volume Down button.

Keep on holding down this key for the remainder of the booting process. Your phone should now boot in Safe Mode. Check to see if it will now accept a charge. If not then you can take this opportunity to uninstall any recent apps and see if this causes any improvements. While these charging issues are normally caused by a problem with hardware, there is a chance that it is actually being caused by a software issue instead.

First, go into your Settings menu the blue icon with the gear symbol. Then scroll down and select General Management. Then select Reset. The first method is the less extreme of the two, which is the Reset Settings option. This will not only reset all phone settings but completely delete any new data or apps you have downloaded or installed and restore your phone to its original status, as if it were a new phone.

If you want to use this option then we highly recommend you back up your personal data and files onto an SD card or onto a computer, or using the Samsung Cloud App. After selecting Factory Data Resetyour phone will reboot.We will be publishing more of the same articles in the coming days so keep out for them. If you are looking for solutions to your own Android issue, you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of this page.

When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers.

You have come to the right place. If your phone keeps showing moisture detected error, we have a few fixes for your to try below.

This error message usually shows up if the system detects moisture or water in the USB charging port. It only indicates that the device blocks charging via USB charging port to prevent shorting other components. With that said, usually this error occurs when you are charging your phone while the phone is off.

As simple as this may sound, but simply turn on your phone first or reboot your phone and then plug in the charger. The moisture detected error typically show up when you try to charge the phone while the phone is off.

Galaxy S8 \u0026 S8 plus Moisture Detected In Charging Port Fix BYPASS SOLUTION

If your phone is out of battery and you cannot turn on the phone first prior to charging, then try holding the power button and volume down at the same time, and while holding both buttons, plug in the charger, you should see phone load up with the last bit of juice. Also try using a blow dryer at low heat to blow around and dry out the area.

You might think this is so obvious and simple, but it has worked for several of our readers!

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By the way, you may continue to get this error over and over, even if your phone have not come near any water in days. I recently had an upgrade to the Samsung S8 and twice now the charger jack plug has stopped going in to my phone to allow it to charge. I can get the jack plug to go in, so it slow charges but that is it. There is no debris or anything in the charger jack plug or the phone so im at a loss Please help i am a nurse and need my phone and find it unacceptable to have this problem happen again.

Solution: Hi Cheryl.

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There may be a bent pin in the port that causes this problem. If the device is covered by a replacement warranty, we suggest that you demand for a new phone instead of going through repair.

I text them regularly. However I can send messages to my husband I text him all the time and random friends.Most of the Devices nowadays come with Waterproof feature which claims to Protect smartphone from Moisture and waterHowever in many cases users get Moisture detected error while trying to charge their Device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Moisture detected is the commonly and most faced issue by Samsung users and many other customers who are using Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and Note 9 also face the same issue. Many new Companies are working very hard on creating Fully waterproof devices but still there is no single Phone even in which promises full protection from Water and Dust.

There are many cases of smartphone going dead due to water damage but surprisingly most of them were waterproof still they were affected by Water which resulted in Moisture detected Error. The Worst part about Water damage in Smartphone is that if Accidentally you drop your phone in water and then you visit Service center to claim warranty they refuse it for repairing because as of now there is no single smartphone manufacturer company which gives water damage warranty even if the smartphone is Water proof.

How to fix moisture detected problem on the Galaxy S8

Samsung is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most innovative smartphone manufacturer brand. Under IP68 water proof technology the smartphone can easily bear water pressure upto 1. Just like every other brand samsung is also working hard in making water and Dust proof smartphones. Every Company Like Sony, Samsung and Apple uses Certain types of adhesive and sealants to protect your smartphone from Water but still there are many points in your smartphone where water can flow easily and damage your device.

With growing technology everyday samsung has also developed a technology in almost all its flagship devices which protects the device from Short-circuit by sending a notification to users when they try to plug in the charger. Also make sure that you remember every company holds full right to refuse warranty claims under water damage or any other damage caused by Water. Now coming to How does a smartphone detects moisture or how does Service centers employees identify if a Smartphone was immersed in water or not.

So there are stickers in a Smartphone which are called Moisture sensors. So whenever your smartphone comes in contact with water they automatically change Color. So below are the Steps with which you can easily fix moisture has been detected issue on your smartphone so make sure you follow all the steps carefully:. This is the Very first method with which you can dry your smartphone. After this Make sure you just wrap your smartphone with Cloth so that the cotton cloth can soak extra water from Mic and speakers.

So this might sound a Little bit different but yes you can also Dry moisture in your samsung smartphone using Dry cleaner. This is the best way to soak or eject out water from speakers of the smartphone.

Galaxy S8 moisture detected error, won’t charge due to moisture detected error, other issues

By Doing this you can Solve Moisture detected error in galaxy S7. So this is one of the most used and working method. So Sometimes when we accidentally drop our smartphone in water there are only 2 parts which get most affected. So to Dry out water to Solve Moisture has been detected error all you need to do is blow Air inside the Speakers and Charging jack using hair dryer.

So if you are samsung Galaxy S7 user then you might often get moisture detected S7 error in Galaxy S7, So incase if you dont know why this error occurred in your smartphone then let us tell you that there are some Moisture sensors in your smartphone which get Activated if they come in contact with Water and later on you get moisture detected s7 error.

So to Fix that error follow all the above steps and after that you can easily use your smartphone. So as we already mentioned earlier that most of the devices nowadays come with Anti short circuit sensors which means if your smartphone finds moisture inside the Charging Jack it will stop charging your phone to prevent it from any further Damage.

samsung s8 not charging moisture

So you can Try any of the above method to successfully Dry out Moisture from your smartphone. This Guide can also be used in Latest samsung Smartphones, So if you are facing any issue in and latest smartphones then you can use this Guide also.

samsung s8 not charging moisture

Also if you know any other way to Solve this issue feel free to write down in the comments section below. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Android Root Custom rom Home web. Table of Contents.Sadly, however, technical hitches are a reality for every device. A few people have found that the app icon badges indicating a new message or another notification in an app have stopped working for them. Luckily, the fix should be fairly easy. Quite a few S8 owners have been complaining about poor battery life in the XDA Developers forumespecially after receiving the update to Android 8. There are a few different things you can try to alleviate this issue.

samsung s8 not charging moisture

There have been some reports that even when running on powerful S8 hardware, the UI can occasionally produce some lag, especially when using the home launcher. We have seen several reports from S8 and S8 Plus owners suffering from a random reboot problem. For many people, the S8 or S8 Plus is restarting itself seemingly at random.

This can be infrequent or it can happen multiple times a day. There are a few things worth trying to see if you can solve this problem.

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There were some reports, initially from South Korea, about the S8 and S8 Plus having red-tinted displays. It seems to be a problem for a lot of people in this long thread at XDA Developers forum. Some have faint red at the edges, others report a pink tinge on everything white.

It may be more noticeable if you view the screen at an angle. It may connect and run at a good speed initially, but after a while, it disconnects or slows down inexplicably. The best earbuds for 12 hours ago. How to turn on the flashlight in Android and iOS 14 hours ago. Common Huawei Mate 20 Pro problems, and how to fix them 1 day ago.

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How to start your free one-month Audible subscription today 5 days ago. Huawei P40 Pro Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note Everything we know so far 5 days ago.However, there have been certain cases where people have had issues with their Samsung Galaxy devices not charging properly. Some people decided to buy a new phone charger as they thought the issue with their Galaxy S8 was in fact the charger. However, they could have saved some time and money if they followed some of the tips that we will explain on how to fix the battery on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus.

The most common reason why your Galaxy S8 may not be charging correctly— grey battery problem is:. Cables Being Changed It is important to check and make sure that your charging cable is working properly when trying to find the problem of your Samsung Galaxy S8 not charging.

There may be a case where the cable has been damaged are just does not work anymore. If this is the case, you do not need to go out and by another cable, simply try another USB cable to see if this solves the problem with your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus.


If you see that the USB cable that you just switched is working, it might be a good idea to get a new charging cable for your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S8 Reset There might be a problem with the software, which is the cause of your Galaxy S8 not charging when plugged in.

USB Port should be clean The potential that it is not your battery but the process of your Galaxy S8 not charging could very likely be the source of the problem. The connection between your smartphone and the USB cable is most likely the problem.

Make sure that there is nothing restricting access to the USB port such as lint, debris, or dirt, or dust. You can solve this by careful sticking a needle in the port a moving it around to get anything out. This is most likely the problem when thinking about why your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus is not charging.

Note: When cleaning your USB port, use caution to not damage anything inside of the phone by proceed with ease. Seek Authorized Technician Help There is always some possibility of the solutions that were above do not solve the issue of Samsung Galaxy S8 to turn on after charging. If this is the case, your best scenario is to go the store in which you purchased it at and ask to get it check for any damages that it might have.

However, what is most likely the problem with your Samsung Galaxy S8 is that the power button is not functioning properly.

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